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Process Alarm Solutions


SA10-1 is the flexible and reliable alarm panels for supervision and control

SA10-1 provides efficient and reliable solutions for alarm monitoring of electrical installations where it is vital for the process control. Our product range includes advanced alarm monitors as well as simple indicator panels. All are very flexible units for use in numerous process applications, for instance suited for monitoring of critical processes and as well as in on-site power and process industries.

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The SA10-1 alarm and indicator panels are widely used for both local or remote indication of alarms and contact signals. All units provide a modular approach for building large scale alarm systems as well as a simple single solution.

SA10-1 is an alarm monitoring panel with 10 digital inputs. An input from a dry contact (normally open NO or normally closed NC) will cause a corresponding LED to flash. Simultaneously a common alarm output and a siren output will be activated as well as an individual output.

The SA10-1 offers many strong features. The unit has separate indications of first alarm, following alarms and acknowledged alarms. It also has dedicated inputs for remote reset and blocking. The latter being convenient during start-up of a process or in service situations.

The unit can furthermore be configured for cable monitoring and monitoring of its own supply and insulation level.


  • Compact modules
  • Flexible solutions for continuous monitoring of industrial processes
  • Several units can be interconnected forming large scale alarm systems
  • The alarm monitors can be configured manually using TFT 3.2” Display and Keyboard or via a PC.
  • Modular and flexible
  • Easy adaptable text for each alarm
  • Fronts are easy to keep clean
  • Designed and tested for use in harsh environments
  • Long term durability
  • Assistance and service provided world-wide


Scalable System

Multiple SA10-1 units can be interconnected to form a large scale alarm system. In this situation functions are available for synchronizing the flashing of the LEDs and enabling global indication of first alarm for all connected units. Alarm related parameters like time delays, reset functions and other features can be configured through 18 programming switches.

Configuration by Front 3.2” TFT Display and Keyboard or PC

The SA10-1 can also be configured via the RS232 interface. A standard ANSI/VT100 terminal is used as programming tool (e.g. Windows HyperTerminal). PC configuration via the RS232 interface greatly expands the configuration options. It provides individually adjustable delays for each alarm, extra reset functions, and many other features not available through the programming switches.


The SA10-1 is equipped with a 2-wire RS485 interface supporting MODBUS-RTU communication.

A MODBUS master e.g. PC or PLC can write and read information to and from any SA10-1 unit connected to the bus.

Resetting the siren and common alarm relays and all LEDs is also possible from the MODBUS.

A LED test can be performed; the LEDs can be dimmed from 0 to 100 %. The master can also individually block and unblock each channel, as well as resetting channels individually.

It is also possible to set a “virtual input” on the SA10-1 via the RS485 interface providing the exact same function as a corresponding physical input. This enables the MODBUS master to repeat one or more alarm outputs from one SA10-1 to an input on another SA10-1.

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