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Wiremesh Welding Controller


It is a State-of-Art resistance welding controller incorporating ability to process I/O control Logic and Welding Control logic for All three phases in a Single Control. WM10-1 WIREMESH WELD is a versatile microprocessor based resistance welding controller featuring sophisticated functions, essential to the modern high technology age with Easy and reliable User Interface with TFT Display 3.2 Inch, key board and LEDs.

The INPUT / OUTPUT support provided along with the controller makes it suitable for automation purpose.

WM10-1 WIREMESH WELD is operated basically in Power voltage fluctuation compensation (CV) mode.

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1) Power voltage fluctuation compensation mode,

In this mode the rms voltage applied to the welding transformer is kept constant for the primary voltage variation with the source voltage feedback.


  • Source voltage fluctuation compensation control
    a) Control speed: One cycle b) Initial responding time: Less than 2 cycles. c) Current accuracy: Within  3 % against  10% welding power source voltage fluctuation.
  • No. of schedules: 10 schedules (5 schedules per valve)
  • No. of valves: 2 valves. (Transistor outputs with +24 VDC, 500 mA capacity)
  • Setting of timers:

    1) Squeeze (SQ) : 00 - 99 cycles , 10 schedules

    2) Time of Weld 1 (W1 -RPH) : 00 - 99 cycles , 10 schedules

    3) Time of Weld 2 (W2-YPH) : 00 - 99 cycles , 10 schedules

    4) Time of Weld 3 (W3-BPH) : 00 - 99 cycles , 10 schedules

    5) Time of Cool 1 (C1) : 00 - 99 cycles , 10 schedules

    6) Hold Time (HLD) : 00 - 99 cycles , 10 schedules

    7) Off Time (OFF) : 00 - 99 cycles , 10 schedules

  • Total counter: Preset 0 - 9999, 10 schedule
    If the total number of weld counts reaches the preset value, the ‘TTL COUNT OVER’ error indication is given. The buzzer sounds till the counter is reset and the error output is turned on.
  • Inputs:
    1) START signals: Four start signals are available. By setting the DIP SW2, no. of start signals can be decided. (either 2 or 4 start signals) 2) TWO THERMOSTATS: connects to thyristor and Welding Transformer thermostat. 3) WELD ON/OFF: Welding can be possible if this input is closed elsesequence is executed without welding. 4) ERROR RESET: Error alarm and error output are reset when this input is closed.
  • Outputs:
    1) VALVE: Two 24 VDC (500 mA) output 2) Spare 24 VDC (500 mA) output 3) END OF HOLD: Relay contact outout indicating end of hold is provided to indicate end of sequence to the external controlling device (e.g.PLC). 4) ERROR OUTPUT: Relay contact output to indicate error condition. 5) TOTAL COUNT OVER: Relay contact output to indicate count over condition.
  • Memory Backup: By EEPROM.
  • Operating ambient temperature : 0 - 45 C
  • Dimensions: 335 mm (H) x 92 mm (W) x 355 mm (D)
  • Weight: 7 Kg


  • Easy and reliable User Interface with TFT Display 3.2 Inch and key board and LEDs.
  • Pre-Programmed IO Control Logic as per Wiremesh Machine operation.
  • Effective data storage with EEPROM interface for 10 different schedules according to the materials and thickness of the work pieces to be welded.
  • For ensuring proper hardware and software working of the controller a watch dog feature has been provided.
  • Ensures a stable RMS welding current by secondary constant current control method and power voltage fluctuation compensation control.
  • Apart from controlling features for the welding current the controller has the diagnostic features for detection of OVER Temperature, Pressure switch, Water Flow switch, POWER SUPPLY check, MEMORY CHECK detection with proper indication / error codes and alarms.
  • Total counter to indicate number of welds / jobs.
  • All welding control parameters programming through front 3.2 inch TFT Display.
  • No Need of separate three controllers for 3 phases, incorporated in a WM10-1 Single Controller.
  • Indication of variation Errors on display and Leds
  • Implementation of various weld counters such as Spot, Job, Skip counters

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